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Bangkok is one of many places i want to visit. Why? beause it is fun to see other culture in the world. Placed in South East Asia, Bangkok is one of tourist destination place when they go to Asia.

What we should see:

First thing we should see is its local culture. It's nice to see many different culture in the world. Budhist temples is one of the main attraction in Bangkok. There are over 400 budhist temples in Bangkok. If you have plenty of time you should see all of them.

The Grand Palace is one of Bangkok attraction that every tourist have to see. Grand palace is one of the architectural symbol of The Thai Royal Family.

Other tourist attraction is the Canal Tours. Canal Tours is some kind of tour that take us back through time and see Bangkoks history. The tour is on a waterways that connect series of areas that represent early era of Bangkok to the modern era of Bangkok. The Journey begin at Chao Phraya River and cross over to the Thonburi side to venture up Bangkok Noi and Bangkok Yai canals. On the journey you will see series of historical building. One thing you shouldn't miss is klong-dwellers home. Each home have its own boat. You will also see a floating market. It's a traditional market in Thailand that located on the river. To take this Canal Tours you have to go from the pier beside the Oriental Hotel at River City and Tha Chang Wang Luang Pier. The tour boats depart from there.

Places to shop:

Since i'm a shopholic, i need to know where to buy stuff and what stuff to buy. Siam Paragon is one of the world-class shopping centre in Thailand. You can do some daily shopping in here. It located in the heart of Bangkok. For Thailand arts and artifects you can go to River City Shopping Complex. Pratunam Center is where you can get some handycrafts from Bangkok. For more lifestyle shopping you can go to Gaysom Plaza.
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Playing cards is one of many things i do in my spare time, either it's with my friends or my family. Sometimes i play poker, sometimes i play heart or any other kind of card games. A while ago i found out that playing is not the only thing that we can do with cards... we can also wears it. yeah.. check out this nice T-shirt from
yes.. it's an aces T-Shirt from motelrocks. I think this shirt is very cute. It reflect a fun and young personality to people who wears it.

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From an English fashion designer, Anya Hindmarch, this new Lulu hair on Leopard is one good evening bag that i really like. It small enough for me and that leopard print pleated design express a bit of "wild look" in me.

This lulu hair on leopard have a dark wood chain link detail that makes this purse look natural.

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Nowdays usb flash disk is one thing that always stay in our pocket. Now you can bring a cute usb flash disk from Solid Alliance. Yes.. it's a bone shaped USB Disk. they really look cute don't they.

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Dooney and Burke have several new handbag, and i like most of them, but my favorite goes to Medallion Bucket Bag and Medallion mini East/West Slouch. I like both of them because they have small size and they're colorful, i like colorful handbag. If my body a little bit taller i'll consider buying The Heyden bag too, but since i'm not tall i think i won't buy that bag (unless someone bought it for me ;p). want to know the detail of Medallion Bucket Bag, Medallion mini East/West Slouch and The Heyden Bag? check it here

Dooney and Burke's Medallion Bucket Bag

Factory Name: EM29

L 8"
W 5.5"
H 9"

One inside pocket.
Cell phone pocket.
Inside key hook.
Strap drop length: 5.25".
Zipper closure.

Color option:
white with honey trim
black with black trim

Price: $140.00

Dooney and Burke's Medallion mini East/west slouch

Factory Name: EM724

L 11.75"
W 3.75"
H 5.5"

Inside zip pocket.
Cell phone pocket.
Inside key hook.
Adjustable strap.
Strap drop length: 8.5".
Lined. Zipper closure.

Color option:
white with honey trim
black with black trim

Price: $175.00

Dooney and Burke's The Heyden Bag

Factory Name: PH888

L 17"
W 5"
H 11"

Limited edition Hayden Panettiere Bag.
Inside zip pocket.
Cell phone pocket.
Inside key hook.
Strap drop length: 8.5".
Magnetic closure.
18 carat gold finish hardware.

Color option:
Brown T-Moro

Price: $500.00

don't forget to check tips for choosing a handbag...

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Me and my hair problem

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Not so long ago i was having a hair problem. My hair suddenly starting to fell off. This hair loss situation make me worried that i'll become a bald girl someday and this make me stay up at night for several day. In order to stop this hair loss situation, i start to search for information about hair loss. It turn out that many woman these day having the same problem as me. In some site i've read that in United State of America there's 25 million woman having the same problem, and this number seems to be rising. However, what causes hair loss can be different. here's the list of main causes of hair loss.

I cannot believe that so many aspect that can cause a hair loss in woman, so after reading this list i started to analyze myself. First, genetic.. i don't think i've got genetic problem 'coz my dad is just have a litle hair loss (which is normal if you are man) and my mom doesn't have that problem. Second, Hormonal imbalance... i need to go to doctor to verify this so i skip this for a while. Third, contraceptive pills... maybe..., menopause, childbirth... no, anemia, chemotherapy... no, surgical op... no, hair care product? well before starting to have a hair loss i did bought a new brand of shampoo.. well i think maybe this is the problem, so i stop using that shampoo for a week and turns out that it stop... yes.. no more hair loss... thank god it's not something serious like hormonal imbalance...

anyway, anyone who have a hair loss problem, check that list ok....

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Tips 4 choosing handbag

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Are you a carrier woman or are you a teenage girl? in daily activity, woman usually carries more things than man, that's why a handbag is usually design for woman. Today handbag became a popular item in my shopping list, every time i went shopping and cross to a handbag store, there's an impulse to try at least one of them.

So how exactly i choose what type of handbag that suitable for me? well here's some tips that you can use to choose type of handbag that suitable for me..

The only thing to do when i want to buy a handbag is look at the mirror and see what kind of body posture that i have. Since i have a relatively short and small body, then i will choose type of handbag that also small handbag. i never let my eyes see a big size handbag... why? because it make's my body look shorter, because in this world there's damn optical illusion.. you know what it is, right... it's the thing that makes you look something you're not because there's other thing near you that cheat the eye of other who sees you. Because of that (optical illusion) we who have short body cannot wear a big handbag.
Luckily if you have a tall body, you can choose almost any type of handbag... expert says that big handbag will look perfect on you. For girls who have a curvy body, a medium size of handbag is the most suitable for you.
Women with large body size should avoid small handbag for the same reason why i cannot choose big handbag... optics.

after you find the right size for your body, now you can start to choose what shape that suitable for you. There's many shape of handbag for many purposes, and only you know what shape that you need... for instance if i want to go to a formal meeting, then i will choose a handbag that have a formal look, but if i want to go hangout with my friends, then i will use a handbag that looks sexy so boys will notice me...:P

Hope this tips can help you choose your handbag...
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